Company History

Keeney Truck Lines was founded in 1944 by Dan Keeney and one partner.  Together they started the trucking business in a used truck sales lot.  In 1945 they decided to split up the partnership and Dan ended up with the trucking company.  He had five trucks and one contract to haul brick and clay products for the L.A. Brick and Clay Products Company.  In 1953 he purchased the assets of the Ira P. Lamb trucking company and got their contract delivering bakery flour, animal feeds, and grocery products for General Mills.  Sixty plus years later Keeney Truck Lines still has that General Mills contract.  The L.A. Brick operation was sold in 1963,  to Pacific Clay Products.

In 1962, the bulk flour operations of Keeney were spun off to a new company, Flour Transport, Inc., owned by Dan and Walt Keeney.  This was done to provide access to the growing bulk flour deliveries in the Los Angeles area and Keeney was under exclusive contract to General Mills for flour deliveries in that market.  Later in 1963 Keeney bought half interest in a competitor, Scott Norby Company.  One owner of that operation was brought into Flour Transport as a part owner.  All of the bulk operations of Scott Norby were merged into Flour Transport and the package operations continued to operate as before.  In 1964 Scott Norby purchased Keeney Transportation from Walt Keeney, and in 1965 Keeney Truck Lines was released from the exclusive portion of the General Mills contract and the Scott Norby operations were merged into Keeney.  That left Keeney Truck Lines and Flour Transport as the only trucking companies operated by the Keeney family.  Dan ran Keeney and Walt took over the Flour Transport operations. 

When Dan Keeney decided to totally retire in 1995, the operations of Keeney Truck Lines and Flour Transport were merged under the Keeney banner.  In 2006, Walt Keeney sold Keeney Truck Lines to Dan Hubbard, the third generation of the Keeney family to be involved in the trucking business.  Keeney Truck Lines continues today as a truckload dry van, refrigerated, harbor container, and dry bulk carrier.

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