Bulk Services

Keeney Truck Lines, Inc.

323-589-3231     800-627-4912

Keeney Truck Lines provides dry bulk delivery and transfer service from Southern California to California and Arizona.  All bulk deliveries are unloaded by tractor mounted pneumatic blowers

Keeney operates a rail siding in the City of Vernon.  Rail to truck transfer is accomplished using pneumatic air systems.  Keeney also has a conveyor in place to transfer other free flowing dry bulk products into dump truck or 20’ ocean containers.  The rail siding is served by the Los Angeles Junction Railroad, a division of BNSF.  LAJ is joint served by both the BNSF and UP railroads.

Keeney also has transfer facilities in their Maywood yard capable of transferring Super-Sak product to bulk trailer.  The transfer is done either with a self contained transfer bin, or a vacuum trailer and a straight bin.  There is currently covered storage available for non-food grade palletized products in the Maywood yard.

Keeney Truck Lines also provides vacuum service for dry bulk products.  They can also provide stand-alone blower service, sifting service, and bulk transfer equipment.

Bulk products currently handled by Keeney include:

Bakery flour and grain products

Dry Bulk Corn Starches

Dry Bulk Sugar

Dry Bulk Plastics

Bulk Pulverized Rubber

Decorative Rock, Sand, and Perlite

Seabulk container deliveries with bulk tilt chassis.

Loading or Unloading Super-sacks.

Rail Transfer

Bulk Corn Starch Railcar Transfer

Supersak Transfer

Pulverized Rubber Super-Sak to Bulk Transfer

tilt chassis

Seabulk Container Transfer

Rock Transfer

Decorative Rock Transfer


Super-Sack Operations

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